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It is the power of your own spirit that will heal you.

Honoring The Survivor Within, LLC is a counseling and consulting practice specializing in providing trauma therapy for adults from our serene location in Carefree, Arizona.

Who is The Survivor Within You?

    When we are born, we all come into this world inherently valuable, lovable, special, innocent, and we are good enough just as we are. This is the truth of who we were then and who we are today. However, when we experience any type of trauma in our childhood, we become disconnected from this truth. It is still there but we have lost sight of it and may not have had the nurturance or support to ever believe in it as children or as adults today. Because this truth survives within us regardless of what we have been through, to heal we must learn how to acknowledge and reconnect with our truth in order to live a new life Honoring the Survivor Within us.

What's trauma therapy?

    As a result of being disconnected with the truth of who we are, we abandon this part of us. We believe that somehow the hurt we experienced is our fault, we are not good enough, worthless, we don’t matter, or we should have tried harder, etc. Without healing, these beliefs follow us into adulthood. We are left repeating dysfunctional family dynamics, coping in unhealthy and harmful ways, developing addictions or eating disorders, feeling depressed or anxious, and having difficulty in relationships. Our nervous systems are dysregulated leaving us vacillating between fight, flight, or freeze mode. Emotions related to the trauma can be triggered often causing us to be reactive without understanding why. Trauma therapy is all about healing the most important relationship- the relationship we have with ourselves.

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Does trauma therapy work?

    You and Leanne will work together as a team helping you to reconnect with the survivor within yourself, build upon strengths, heal your most vulnerable wounds, learn healthy coping skills, live in the present moment, and improve your relationships today. In doing this work with Leanne as your trauma therapist, you’ll not only say the words “I am valuable” but you will believe it, own it, and live it.

The time has come to heal your trauma.

Leanne received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work at Smith College School for Social Work in Massachusetts and her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Western New England College. She is a highly skilled seasoned therapist and has held both counseling and leadership positions at The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ, a world-renowned treatment center for trauma and addiction. During that time, she received training from the top experts in the field such as Pia Mellody, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Shelley Uram, Dr. Tian Dayton, and Dr. Claudia Black.

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Phone: 602-581-5544


Leanne Tanis


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Whether you’ve been addicted yourself or not

you may be coping in ways that no longer serve you. If you are in recovery, take your sobriety to the next level getting to the root of what first brought you to self-medicate and ultimately led to losing yourself in the grips of your addiction or eating disorder.

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What are the different types of trauma therapy?
Nervous System Regulation

    The degree to which we are able to heal is directly related to the degree in which we are able to be present.  Having survived any type of trauma emotionally or physically leaves us with a dysregulated nervous system.  This has affected our ability to be present, leaving us in a flight, flight, or freeze response. Leanne offers various ways to assist you in learning how to ground yourself and come back to the present moment so true healing can take place.

Somatic Experiencing®

    SE is body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders developed by Dr. Peter Levine. It offers a framework to assess where you are “stuck” in the fight, flight or freeze responses and provides clinical tools to resolve these fixated physiological states by focusing on body sensations and releasing stuck energy while building upon and strengthening your resiliency.

Post Induction Therapy

   Pia Mellody’s model of developmental immaturity and codependency depicts how childhood trauma affects us as adults in our lives today. Together we will connect the dots of what happened, how it affected you then, how that may have changed overtime, and it’s connection to your current circumstances.

Experiential Therapy

    Once we understand how the trauma is affecting you today we can do a deeper piece of work. Experiential therapy creates an internal shift and is more effective than just talk therapy alone. It breaks through unconscious resistances and gets to the root of the underlying traumas. By depicting your inner world visually through inner child work, Gestalt empty chair techniques, psychodrama techniques etc, you will experience new insights, release emotions, and new healthy beliefs about your true self will emerge.

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Services Offered

Counseling sessions:


$215/80 minutes initial evaluation

$185/50 minutes sessions

*Offering  in person and Telehealth video sessions. 

Call today for a free phone consultation. 


You have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" explaining how much your medical care will cost. Click here for more information. 

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”

– George Eliot


Once you chose hope, anything is possible.

Give yourself this gift and schedule today.

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water fountain at 11 E Sundial Circle, Carefree AZ 85377

Located at 11 E Sundial Cir #16, Carefree, AZ 85377

Mailing Address: 39506 N. Daisy Mountain Dr. STE 122-492,Anthem, AZ 85086

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